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Re: [paho-dev] Release Planning for Paho - thoughts?

Are the mentors subscribed to the dev list? It might be a good idea to reach out to them to make sure they are (we don't set this up automagically).

For releases, start here:

That will take you to here:

which will encourage you to use the project page to enter release information on the project page.

There's loads more information here (but start with the "release cycle" page above).

Other than the checklist, I believe that most of the review requirements are language and technology agnostic. The checklist on the "Release Reviews" page does reflect our "mostly Java" heritage. I'll have to take a pass at it with language generalization in mind. In the meantime, if something just doesn't make sense for Paho, use your best judgement to either ignore the item or adapt to your situation.

In terms of simultaneous release participation, that might be a good question for the cross-project-issues-dev mailing list, or your planning council representative (who you can contact via your PMC). I believe that there is potential value in aligning your project's development/milestone delivery schedule and leveraging the marketting effort behind the simultaneous release, even if it doesn't make any sense to include bits in the aggregate p2 repository.



On 11/27/2013 06:08 AM, Ian Craggs wrote:
To Paho committers, Eclipse mentors,

for a while I've been thinking about what we need to do to achieve a Release of Paho.  There seems to be a lot of information to absorb, but it seems we need to start here:

to formally create a release and a plan to go with it.

I was wondering what a release means for a non-Java component? Reading about Release Reviews

I can't see that any particular method of making the release available is dictated.  What would it mean to be part of a Simultaneous Release for a non-Java component?

Any thoughts, advice or pointers to useful information appreciated.



Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects, The Eclipse Foundation
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