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Re: [paho-dev] Hi Paho team.

Hi Jianing,
the use of waitForCompletion() and and the deliveryComplete() callback are not normally used together:
  • waitForCompletion() turns an an asynchronous operation like publish (on the MqttAsyncClient) into a blocking operation.  Once the waitForCompletion() call returns the publish has completed
  • deliveryComplete() is used with the asynchronous publish method to notify the app when the delivery of the message is complete.
i,e. they both solve the same problem but in different ways - one blocks and the other does not.

Messages can be published in the callbacks such as the messageArrived() callback but the implementation of the callback must return promptly and not use a blocking call.  Hence waitForCompletion() must not be used in the messageArrived() callback.   If the message is published from the messageArrived() callback  without the use of waitForCompltion() then the deliveryComplete() method will be notified when delivery is complete. If this is not the case it is a bug.

All the best
Dave Locke

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From:        Jianing Ren <jianingr@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        28/11/2013 23:56
Subject:        [paho-dev] Hi Paho team.
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Hi Paho team,

I am not sure if it counts as a bug in mqtt Java client implementation that is when I publish the topic and calling waitforcompletion(), If this topic was published from messageArrived call back method. I will never get the completeDelivery call back again. And it seems  got block unless the published message I sent in the messageArrived() call back was un other thread.

For example:
public void send(Topic topic){
token = topic.publish();

public void completeDelivery(Token){

public void messageArrived(message){
….have received message send back reply.
send("reply"); …This reply message will be blocked and never call "completeDelivery".
Thread thread = new thread();

send("reply"); If reply sending in other thread, then worked.




Jianing Ren

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