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[paho-dev] Hi Paho team.

Hi Paho team,

I am not sure if it counts as a bug in mqtt Java client implementation that is when I publish the topic and calling waitforcompletion(), If this topic was published from messageArrived call back method. I will never get the completeDelivery call back again. And it seems  got block unless the published message I sent in the messageArrived() call back was un other thread.

For example:
public void send(Topic topic){
token = topic.publish();

public void completeDelivery(Token){

public void messageArrived(message){
….have received message send back reply.
send("reply"); …This reply message will be blocked and never call "completeDelivery". 
Thread thread = new thread();

send("reply"); If reply sending in other thread, then worked.



Jianing Ren

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