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[paho-dev] JavaME client contribution waiting in bugzilla

At Devoxx this week I met the guys behind this new dev board ->

The board can run JavaME on a chip, is *reasonably* inexpensive and has Arduino-compatible pins - something I'm interested in looking at in more detail. It was also being used in some of the IoT hackathons.

The Gemalto guys are actually the folks that have adapted the Paho Java client for JavaME (see bugzilla and also earlier discussions on this list about that same client, which seemed to come to a dead end a couple of months ago)

Assuming this contribution passes the usual legal checks, I propose to have it join the main Paho code base rather than lingering around in bugzilla? We would obviously want to align it with the current 0.4.1 client code on the develop branch.

Incidentally, it is probably also time to merge 0.4.1 to master; revisit a release schedule; and decide whether the JavaME client should be part of the main Java client, or a separate code stream / repo inside Paho. 


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