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[paho-dev] Paho downloads

Hi Pahoers,

We at ECF are working on a remote services provider that uses mqtt as a transport [1]. What this will allow: People will then be able to use ECF's implementation of the OSGi Remote Services standard to communicate/interact via mqtt...with all the devices/systems that support it.

The natural first thing for us to do is to implement a client provider, and base it upon the existing Paho MQTT client codebase.

I've downloaded and started working with the mqtt-client-0.4.0.jar (and sources and javadocs)...and have some questions that will help me understand how to setup our own projects.

ECF's projects are all OSGi bundles/plugins...which means the easiest way for us to consume the Paho Java client would be to have the Paho Java client also be an OSGi bundle (rather than a plain 'ol java jar). I understand that the existing jar is *not* an OSGi bundle, but my question is: are there plans to add the OSGi meta-data (mostly in manifest) to make it also a bundle? Or do you expect it to remain a java lib/jar indefinitely?

In either frequently do you expect to do releases? I'm trying to decide whether (for our own development) we should get binary releases/ that we can insert them into our bundles...or whether we/ECF should build the Paho code ourselves and work from the source code in the Paho git repo. We can do either, but it would be quite a lot easier for us if we knew approximately when Paho releases were to we didn't have to build from Paho source (with possibility of regressions, build breaks, etc).

One other question: Is Paho going to be a participant in the Luna simultaneous release?




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