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Re: [paho-dev] Message loss with higher load - eclipse paho mqtt client

Apart from Dave's very good questions, you should also check the server message logs.  The MQTT servers I know of will limit the number of outstanding messages that are stored for a client or subscription.   They may be being thrown away by the server deliberately.


On 08/11/13 08:30, Dave Locke wrote:
Would not expect to miss messages

A few questions:
Which client is being used - C, Java or _javascript_ ?
What QOS are the messages published at?
Is the client connecting with cleansession set to true or false?
Which MQTT server is being used?
Is it the publishing client also the subscribing client or are they two separate clients ?
Is there any patten to the missing messages e.g. the last 100... ?

Probably simplest way to handle this is to raise a bug on the paho bugzilla.

All the best


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Subject:        [paho-dev] Message loss with higher load - eclipse paho mqtt client
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Hi all,

I am experience some message loss with high load when using eclipse paho mqtt client. I have subscribed to a set of topics (clients/+) and I did some load testing using eclipse paho mqtt client. I saw my subscriber only receiving first 120 messages when I publish messages to (clients/+) topics - Message publishing rate is above 400 messages per second. 
Is there any configuration that I need to set for higher load. How can I solve above issue.
Appreciate any help on solving this issue.

Thanks and Regards,

Kasun Weranga Gunathilake.
mobile: +6594230423
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