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Re: [paho-dev] New Makefile for building C client

I don't intend to do, and never did, a cygwin build for Windows - for Windows I would always use a Microsoft compiler and build a native DLL.   The major reason for having a cygwin build would be to allow it to work in the Eclipse IDE, which I admit, is reasonably compelling, as we are an Eclipse project.  I might look into that sometime, but if someone wants to volunteer...

On WIndows, if you have installed Visual Studio C/C++ support, cl.exe is always there (the latest version I've used is 2010).  There is a batch file called vcvars32.bat in the Visual Studio installation directory which will set up paths to point to the command line compiler.

One of the reasons for the condition of the previous Makefile, which was mostly not written by me, is that it attempted to build the clients for many platforms.   Adding all targets for all platforms is a time-consuming job. 

The new Makefile targets Linux to start, with MacOS to follow.


On 30/10/13 16:24, luja wrote:
Hi Ian,

Hopefully it will be better. The old makefile was really bad.
Make sure, that the examples compile!

have a make install for linux!
what about linux?

regarding windows build:
cl.exe as a c compiler is not there. But I have a C-compiler, as VS2010 is installed

cygwin build also is not nice:
no make install, examples dont compile/link.

Thank you for touching the makefile at all!



On 10/30/2013 3:18 PM, Ian Craggs wrote:

I've created a new Makefile for building the C client, in the root directory of the C project on Linux.  I've attempted to conform to as many standards as I could find, like:

It adds library versioning, targets for install/uninstall, clean and doc.

I intend to do the same for MacOS.  For Windows, I'm planning a Visual Studio project and Ant for automated builds.

I think that will cover the major platforms of interest for now.


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