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Re: [paho-dev] next release?

Hi Benjamin,

I raised the question of the plan at the last Paho call, but unfortunately we didn't realize that you would be asking for a date for next week. 

The release will feature Java, C and _javascript_ for sure.   C++ could be included depending on what Frank feels about that. 

I'm sorry I can't help with a date right now.


On 20/09/13 18:24, Benjamin Cabé wrote:
Hi list,

I am putting together a set of slides for presenting all the Eclipse M2M projects at a conference next week and I wanted to indicate the date for the next release of Paho ; unfortunately I cannot find it. Could someone please indicate to me what is the next release and when it is planned? Also, the release would be for C (and C++ wrapper?) and Java, right?
I understand the code base for the C and Java client is quite mature though and I will certainly highlight it in the talk though!


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