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Re: [paho-dev] mqtt for j2me

JME contributions have been made in a couple of bugs one of which is 411984. The next step is for the contributions to be integrated into the development stream and build automated. In the meantime they can be downloaded from the bug - feedback appreciated.

All the best


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Date:        01/09/2013 23:10
Subject:        Re: [paho-dev] mqtt for j2me
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Hi Tito,

we have some j2me updates which I believe are ready to go.   I'll check to see if we can add them asap.


On 08/28/2013 10:08 PM, tito wrote:

I know this an old question which was asked long back in the list.
Just to know if any update on any implementation of j2me libraries for mqtt , specifically on the persistent storage.


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