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Re: [paho-dev] not a shared executable

Hi Ian,

I'm a fan of simple makefiles where possible and (as the email you've
just sent says) I don't think we really need anything more here.

> I think we ought to look to getting the Paho MQTT C client libraries into
> the Linux distributions.

To do this, a change in the current Makefile would definitely be
helpful. At the moment the build process builds in architecture
specific directories which would make packaging a real pain. Distros
don't tend to cross compile, everything is built on the native
architecture using identical scripts.

I don't think this precludes the cross compilation aspects of the
current Makefile to satisfy what you need.

The thing that'd make the most difference to me is having a Makefile
in the root directory, I always forget where it is and which directory
I have to be in when I call make.

I'll take a look at suggesting some specific changes when I'm less busy.



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