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Re: [paho-dev] MQTT Server Setup for Testing of MQTT clients

Hi Ian,

For the mosquitto tests I run a per test instance of the broker for
exactly the reasons you say - many of the tests require special
configuration. Likewise, I think that running the broker on the build
machine is a sensible option because it is not affected by
connectivity problems or by whatever else is happening on the server.

For both the broker and the client, I don't use the opposite
client/broker at all, instead generating and examining received
packets within the test itself. I find it much easier to verify what
the test is doing when a client test doesn't depend on the broker and
vice versa. I suppose for completeness I should be testing them both
together as well as these isolated tests.

You can view my client tests already because they are part of the Paho
Python repository - see the test/lib directory. I would already have
them running on eclipse hudson, but I need to request some more recent
versions of Python be installed on the build machines.



On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 12:56 PM, Ian Craggs
<icraggs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Al and I have been adding tests for the Java and C clients, which are run by
> Hudson build jobs (see
> for the C job).
> For the basic MQTT tests, we have pointed the tests at,
> which works fine.  But now we need to add SSL and failover tests (for High
> Availability configurations), so we need to have MQTT server setups to test
> against.
> We could, along with, have SSL and HA predefined setups
> which can be used by the tests.  Would be the right place,
> or should we have specific test servers somewhere else?
> Or, once we had Mosquitto contributed to Eclipse, I thought the builds for
> the clients and server could use each other for testing.  Then the tests
> could configure the server as they see fit, for that test.  The simplest
> setup would entail running the MQTT server on the build machine where the
> clients were being built.
> Thoughts, suggestions?
> Ian
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