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[paho-dev] MQTT Server Setup for Testing of MQTT clients

Hi All,

Al and I have been adding tests for the Java and C clients, which are run by Hudson build jobs (see for the C job).

For the basic MQTT tests, we have pointed the tests at, which works fine.  But now we need to add SSL and failover tests (for High Availability configurations), so we need to have MQTT server setups to test against.

We could, along with, have SSL and HA predefined setups which can be used by the tests.  Would be the right place, or should we have specific test servers somewhere else?

Or, once we had Mosquitto contributed to Eclipse, I thought the builds for the clients and server could use each other for testing.  Then the tests could configure the server as they see fit, for that test.  The simplest setup would entail running the MQTT server on the build machine where the clients were being built.

Thoughts, suggestions?


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