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Re: [paho-dev] Proposal to create a new top-level M2M project

It makes sense to me too.  Would this affect Paho's phase, Incubation?  Or is this entirely unaffected?


On 07/16/2013 02:33 PM, Andy Piper wrote:

As you will be aware, the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group has been discussing the prospect of a new top-level project at Eclipse to house the M2M-related projects.

I'm raising this question on the mailing list because a) I'm at OSCON next week so may not be able to lead the team call and b) not everyone gets the chance to join every week... Would the project team for Paho have any objection to potentially moving over to this new project (we are currently under Technology). The impact would be that we would have a new governance team but other than that there shouldn't be anything with significantly affects the Paho project.

I personally think it would make a lot of sense to jump over with Koneki, Mihini, and the proposed Ponte, Eclipse SCADA and Concierge projects. However, if any of the other committers strongly object, please let us know.

Thoughts please!


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