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[paho-dev] asynchronous MQTT protocol parser

I wrote a little MQTT protocol codec (decoder/encoder) whih convert ByteBuffer into high level MQTT protocol message and vice-versa).

The idea is to be able to handle a very large number of simultaneous connections and not blocking a thread while receiving partial chunk of MQTT messages.

This is not possible today with the current Java Paho code which parse the byte stream in a blocking way (one connection, one native thread needed).

It can be used with java NIO (or any NIO based framework) for implementing a server (I have a very basic one running and built with Apache MINA).

I plan to add the client message for being able to build asynchronous client able to spawn large number of connections (mainly for performance testing servers).

Anyway you should see it as a MQTT implemnter toolbox and not a client or server/broker implementation.


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