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[paho-dev] Java Micro Edition (JME) MQTT client?

I have just started looking at the addition of support for Java Micro Edition (JME) to the Paho Java Client.   There are a few flavours of JME, the one that looks like a good starting point for development and test is JME 3.2 CLDC and IMP-NG.  Are there any other flavours that you would like to see in the mix?  Also any offers to help particularly test would be much appreciated?

The current Java codebase still compiles at Java 1.4.2 which means a large percentage of the code can remain common between the JSE and JME client. Once things are underway a new JME branch will be created off the Develop branch to host the JME client while under development.  

All the best

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