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[paho-dev] Java Client now handles a list of MQTT servers.

I have checked a change into the Develop stream that allows an application to supply a list of servers for the client to attempt to connect to. The list is provide via a new setServerURIs method on the MqttConnectOptions object.  The JavaDoc for the method is pasted below.   Existing applications that pass a serverURI on the client constructor will carry on working unchanged.

public void setServerURIs(java.lang.String[] array)
Set a list of one or more serverURIs the client may connect to.

Each serverURI specifies the address of a server that the client may connect to. Two types of connection are supported tcp:// for a TCP connection and ssl:// for a TCP connection secured by SSL/TLS. For example:

  • tcp://localhost:1883
  • ssl://localhost:8883
If the port is not specified, it will default to 1883 for tcp://" URIs, and 8883 for ssl:// URIs.

If serverURIs is set then it overrides the serverURI parameter passed in on the constructor of the MQTT client.

When an attempt to connect is initiated the client will start with the first serverURI in the list and work through the list until a connection is established with a server. If a connection cannot be made to any of the servers then the connect attempt fails.

Specifying a list of servers that a client may connect to has several uses:
1.        High Availability and reliable message delivery

Some MQTT servers support a high availability feature where two or more "equal" MQTT servers share state. An MQTT client can connect to any of the "equal" servers and be assured that messages are reliably delivered and durable subscriptions are maintained no matter which server the client connects to.

The cleansession flag must be set to false if durable subscriptions and/or reliable message delivery is required.
2.        Hunt List

A set of servers may be specified that are not "equal" (as in the high availability option). As no state is shared across the servers reliable message delivery and durable subscriptions are not valid. The cleansession flag must be set to true if the hunt list mode is used
array - of serverURIs

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