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Re: [paho-dev] Vote for Committer status for Andy Piper was started by Scott de Deugd

More background on this nomination:

Andy is stepping forward as a Paho community coordinator, working on relationships and integration with other projects in the Eclipse M2M umbrella. His project role will focus on  documentation, samples and minor code fixes to improve the Paho codebase.

Of immediate need are samples and example to increase adoption of Paho. He is already working with Arlen evaluate, integrate and contribute Arlen's MqGnatt project. Andy is also looking into additional  examples such as SimpleMessage and some other samples 

Andy brings extensive experience both as an Open Source project committer and lead across a number of years, and through Eclipse related contributions so far, including:
- Spokesman for the press and media around the M2M IWG / Paho announcement in November 2011
- Representative at EclipseCon US and the Eclipse Day in Toulouse to speak about Paho. Decks are public on slideshare, and linked from the Eclipse Paho wiki.
- Wrote the first guide to getting started with the Eclipse Paho C client.
- Blogged, tweeted, set up the MQTT Google+ page, and is driving the public / social discussion around MQTT
- Active in the #mqtt IRC channel. I run @mqttorg
- Contributed nearly 60 edits to the Eclipse Wiki including some key pages on who's who, suggested reorganisations of the repository, links to useful content etc.
- Raised 11 out of the 23 bugs against the project. 2 of them contained code patches or contributions.

Andy's Github and Launchpad profiles with activity across the community


From:        portal-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxx (portal on behalf of Scott de Deugd)
To:        paho-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        09/18/2012 10:52 PM
Subject:        [paho-dev] Vote for Committer status for Andy Piper was started by        Scott de Deugd
Sent by:        paho-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

technology.paho Committers,
This automatically generated message signals that Scott de Deugd has
nominated Andy Piper as a Committer on the technology.paho project. The
reason given is as follows:

Andy is being nominated as a committer for coordination and development
across all Paho clients and, for integration with other projects within the
M2M IWG (i.e. Koneki and Mihini).  He will be providing documentation,
samples/examples, and minor code fixes to improve the Paho code base.

Andy will integrate and recruit new contributions of sample and example
code needed in Paho. He will ensure consistent implementation of
sample/example code across languages and its integration with the Eclipse

Since the Paho code was contributed to Eclipse, Andy has submitted 11 out
of the 23 bugs against the project. 2 of them contained code patches or
contributions. He has developed the getting started guide and a major
potion of the Wiki content.

Andy is a long recognized leader across multiple M2M and IoT open
communities, as a technical evangelist for MQTT and messaging technologies.

As a committer in Eclipse, Andy can be even more effective growing and
supporting the Paho and Eclipse M2M communities.

The vote is being held via the MyFoundation portal: voters *must* use the
portal for the votes to be properly recorded.  The voting will continue
until either all 4 existing Committers have voted or until they have been
given enough time to vote, even if they do not do so (defined as at least
one week). Andy Piper must receive at least three +1s and no -1s for a
successful election.

Eligible Committers must cast their votes through their My Foundation
portal page (do NOT just reply to this email; your vote will not be
correctly recorded unless you use the portal):

The project Committers eligible to vote are:

   Ian Craggs
   Andy Gelme
   Dave Locke
   Scott de Deugd

*NOTE*: Successful elections are left open for a maximum of 120 days to
allow for processing of paperwork.  After that time the election will be
expired, regardless of its current status.  Should papework processing on
the part of the candidate take more time than allowed, a new election will
have to be held.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your project
lead, PMC member, or the EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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