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Re: [paho-dev] Paho build help


this should still have built the library for 32-bit Linux, regardless of this error (which I should fix - I'll get onto it).  Did you look for it?

(As an aside I would like to correct a misunderstanding.  You do not have to pay anything for the cross-compilers!  You can use crosstool-ng to build open source gcc cross-compilers.  You can pay for some pre-built toolchains, but it is in many cases not necessary).

Ian Craggs

On 25/08/12 13:00, Julian Franks wrote:
Hi Paho community,

First apologies for what some may seem an ignorant post, but i really am stuck with the initial build procedure as written on the wiki for the
 Client and core. The questions:
When i use the Makefile to compile the code as downloaded from git, i get error 127 from the fact that i do not have the cross compiler x-tools, and cannot afford the purchase cost of $1000 for what is essentially an evaluation exercise. I really just want to play with it in Eclipse and see what it can do!!
Is there a possible work around for this? or is there a case for building it under Eclipse??

I am building on a Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit system, so how much work is required to compile it on said system ( i am a Good C programmer, but  
not much experience in low level Linux stuff, so any advise would be most welcome.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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