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[paho-dev] Pulling Open Source MQTT Broker into the Eclipse Paho Project


I think it is fairly evident that although the adoption of MQTT has seen an accelerated uptake recently for many reasons, the availability of quality open source MQTT Broker implementations has been one of the key factor. The ease with which developers can download and deploy the Mosquitto MQTT broker along with the availability of a multitude of MQTT client implementations on many different platforms and languages has greatly benefited the MQTT ecosystem at large.


Prior to the Mosquitto MQTT broker availability, IBM made the executable of their “Really Small Message Broker” or RSMB available for developers to experiment with in conjunction with the development of their MQTT client implementations, but the terms of use outside of a development environment restricted the general adoption of RSMB in the community at large. Having said this, with RSMB being available for many years now, it has its fair share of implementations and is well tested.


Considering that the Paho project is focused on the proliferation of the MQTT protocol (both client and broker implementations) it would be desirable to collaborate to combine the best of what both Mosquitto and RSMB  bring to the MQTT ecosystem into a single effort in the Paho Project. I will note here that to date the developers of both RSMB and Mosquitto have not collaborated and only the API’s are similar in the implementations.  But what I would like to propose is that we start an investigation into what the logistics would be to combine these features that would result in a single “Best in Class” open source MQTT Broker implementation.


Both Roger Light (Mosquitto developer) and IBM have expressed interest in moving their respective code bases into the Paho project. As a first step I would propose that we facilitate a call to initially kick off a conversation on what the process would be.  The feedback from the Paho team and the community at large have all been positive on seeing this effort kicked off, but without some initial conversations no one knows what the scope of the integration would be. An initial call and frank discussions around the two designs would, at a minimum, provide an initial level of scope and resources required to accomplish this.


We believe that there is a way to do this effectively and efficiently once we can discuss and understand the design and understand what resources and commitments would be implied. I would invite anyone else that would like to participate on this call to contact me and I’ll add them to the attendee list.


Best Regards, Arlen


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