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Re: [paho-dev] Problem about use 'MqttCallBack.deliveryComplete()' method

Hi Nick:

	Thank you very much! It's very helpful, and I will do it in this way:-)

在 2012-6-8,下午3:27, Nicholas O'Leary 写道:

> Hi Xu,
> you only need to keep a mapping for the messages that you have called
> published on, but have not yet received the deliveryComplete callback.
> When you get the deliveryComplete callback, you should remove the
> message from the mapping as it is finished with at that point. So the
> mapping will not grow to millions of messages - in fact the mapping
> should never exceed 10 messages as that is how many messages the
> client can have 'in-flight' at any one time. 'in-flight' means the
> message has been submitted to the client by the application, but the
> protocol flow for it has not yet completed.
> Cheers,
> Nick
> On 8 June 2012 03:08, xu zhangxuan <plucury@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> hi, NIck:
>>        Thanks for your help.Using a custom mapping is working for identify messages.But I need to send millions of messages in my project,So the mapping may become very big.And I think is there any way to implement my own token, so I can identify messages by it.
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