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Re: [paho-dev] Problem about use 'MqttCallBack.deliveryComplete()' method

Hi Xu,

you only need to keep a mapping for the messages that you have called
published on, but have not yet received the deliveryComplete callback.
When you get the deliveryComplete callback, you should remove the
message from the mapping as it is finished with at that point. So the
mapping will not grow to millions of messages - in fact the mapping
should never exceed 10 messages as that is how many messages the
client can have 'in-flight' at any one time. 'in-flight' means the
message has been submitted to the client by the application, but the
protocol flow for it has not yet completed.


On 8 June 2012 03:08, xu zhangxuan <plucury@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi, NIck:
>        Thanks for your help.Using a custom mapping is working for identify messages.But I need to send millions of messages in my project,So the mapping may become very big.And I think is there any way to implement my own token, so I can identify messages by it.
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