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[paho-dev] Tweaks to Paho projects on Github

The Eclipse Git repositories are mirrored on Github, and therefore the Paho C and Java clients exist on Github as well as at Eclipse.

I made a couple of minor changes to the Github repos, and an additional pretty cool one (well, I think so!)

- I changed them both to have a web link to
- I turned off Issues and Wikis on Github for both repos, and added a note in the description that issues should be reported via Eclipse Bugzilla
- I created a service hook for both repos. In the future, when changes are made to the repositories, a message will be published to the broker on the appropriate topic (github/paho/java or github/paho/c) containing the JSON object from the Github commit hook :-)

Andy Piper | Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)
blog:   |   skype: andypiperuk
twitter: @andypiper  |  images:

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