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[paho-dev] Fixed build.xml for the Java client

Many of you will know that the version of the Java client currently in Eclipse Git will not build using the included build.xml file (well - it *can* be built, but the Ant build will delete the client .jar file at the end of the process, making it slightly pointless).

After the third time I checked the code into a fresh workspace and had to fix this, I got a bit annoyed...

I've now completely rewritten the build.xml file so that all of the rules correctly depend on one another, there are proper descriptions, and the "micro-client" and other legacy references are gone. See the attachment on bug 375449 if you want to try it for yourself. Hopefully this can get merged into Git before too long!

(unfortunately there are still a bunch of warnings generated by the javadoc target, but the docs still get generated - I'll try to find time to look at that sometime soon)

((unfortunately the bugzilla stuff is still not linked to the mailing list so it is still necessary to manually go check Bugzilla to see the latest state of the nation))

Andy Piper | Farnborough, Hampshire (UK)
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