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Re: [paho-dev] Virgo MQTT server?

On 3 Apr 2012, at 14:28, Raymond Auge wrote:

First: This may be a most obvious of concern and forgive me if the answer should have been obvious: I think it 's a great idea as long as there are no tight dependencies on the specific infrastructure provided directly by that container. i.e. the mqtt-server should be usable in other osgi runtimes with minimal dependencies from Virgo.

Agreed. I would envisage no dependencies *from* Virgo per se. There would of course be dependencies from the Virgo MQTT Server package to MQTT in order to pull the Paho bundles in, but that's all.

The only dependencies *to* Virgo would actually be weak dependencies to the Gogo shell required to provide MQTT admin shell commands. This would take the form of service publications with the appropriate service properties to make methods available as Gogo shell commands. Clearly these could be separated out into their own trivial "shell binding" bundle to avoid any dependencies to Gogo among the (main) Paho bundles. I don't think there would need to be any other dependencies to Virgo.


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