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[paho-dev] Virgo MQTT server?

I read Andy Piper's EclipseCon presentation ([1]) which mentioned a possible next step for Paho of a Java/OSGi-based MQTT server. Although this could be built directly on Equinox, Virgo is designed to be a more rounded server runtime and provides some nice extras that I'd like the Paho team to consider.

The Virgo Nano runtime provides advanced diagnostics including logback-based logging, hot deployment, and Apache Felix Gogo shell (which could be extended easily to include MQTT admin commands by registering appropriate services). It has a small footprint, starts very quickly, and is based on the standard Equinox launcher. You can download a copy of Nano from the Virgo milestones page ([2]). See the Virgo User Guide ([3]) for details of how to start nano, enable the shell, etc.

It should be a few minutes work to add Paho bundles to Nano and have the beginnings of a nice MQTT server. Let me know if you want more details or some help. I can even pop in to Hursley to discuss if that's of interest.

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