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[p2-dev] RCP check-for-update standard behavior

Hi all,


I’m working on an Eclipse RCP with update process enabled; check for update works like a charm, relying on our product repository (internal company server).


Today we are asked to integrate the Marketplace feature. This is also already working fine thenceforth we declare an Eclipse repository URL from the Available Software Sites list. Otherwise there are often some unresolved features errors during Marketplace features install.

But this point generates questions on the check for update mechanism, do having Eclipse repository declared could propagate Eclipse updates “behind our back” at each startup?

When we had only our repo url it was ensuring to propagate only our updates, but now that 2 urls are defined.. what could happen.


My understanding of Eclipse/RCP is that only features defined in .product, those available in “Installed Software” tab, are in the scope of this check for update feature, but having some more opinions from p2-experts could help me to feel for comfortable with.


Thanks by advance

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