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Re: [p2-dev] What is considered an upgrade?

I don't know the answer to your questions, but will point out a few basics and a few things that "look funny" to me.

- I assume you've looked in your ".log" to see if any p2 related error messages are printed?

- One thing is fundamental. And I do not know where it is documented, but the only thing that "updates" will find, is if there is updates to a "root feature". Not sure of the formal definition, but typically this is the "product" you installed, or, if you have installed (using p2) a specific feature ... then that feature will be another "root feature" in the future, capable of being detected during "update". (You might be able to verify, by changing your feature's version, after you successfully "install" it ... if you are just experimenting.)

- One thing that looks funny, is that in one of your screen shots, you have "show only latest version" checked, but two features show up, with the exact same "Name", but different versions. Not sure what their id is, but their id must be different, for them both to show up when "only latest" is checked. Is that intentional?

- Another funny thing, I've never seen "repositoryPath" specified per artifact. I'm not saying it's not possible ... but ... I've never seen it. (so, makes me wonder what you are using to publish your repo).

- Just to confirm, is your feature *really* 1.1.1? or 1.1.1.someQualifier? The later 4 part version being more common in Eclipse/OSGi. And, if there is qualifier, that'd explain one problem, since in your category, you specify exactly 1.1.1.
Even if you don't specify a qualifier, it is more typical in "categories" to say either "any version" by specifying version="0.0.0", or, at least some "low minimum", such as version="1.0.0". Again .... I am not saying the way you are doing it, could not work ... but ... "looks different" than I normally see.

- What do you use to "publish" your repo? If it is some custom publisher, I suggest you start off with a "standard" publisher, such as PDE, or something, even just from your workspace, and see if you can get that to work. That might be able to help you solve a few problems, before moving on to your custom publisher and solving the rest ... if that is what you are doing.

- There is a "p2 users" forum, see
That is probably a better place to ask these questions, to get the support of a wider community. (And, I'm not a p2 committer, but suspect this list is probably more for people who are working on p2? Not working on using it.)

I hope at least some of these comments help.

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Yeah I've confirmed that as soon as I install 1.1.1, appears in the
features/ and plugins/ folders, so the jars are downloaded ondemand.

Puzzled at the moment as to why isn't Eclipse seeing it as an available
update and why isn't it categorising my feature either (see other thread).

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