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Re: [p2-dev] What is considered an upgrade?

Do you have a matching feature that wraps this plugin, is already installed and there is a new version in the repo to go along with the new version of the plugin? The install and update wizards in Eclipse only display and process features. The p2 command line utilities can handle stand-alone bundles as well.

Yep, the plugin is wrapped in a feature and is available in the repo (as far as I can tell[1] - I'm new to this).

[1] - I upped the version number on the feature and the plugin and deployed them. artifacts.xml in my repository correctly lists the new feature and plugin:

<artifact id="au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.feature" classifier="org.eclipse.update.feature" version="1.1.1">
<properties size="4">
<property name="artifact.size" value="4920"/>
<property name="download.size" value="4920"/>
<property name="download.md5" value="7bd8ad8f6266eb4cee4ee4a05992ead4"/>
<property name="repositoryPath" value="au/gov/nehta/mdht/features/au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.feature/1.1.1/au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.feature-1.1.1.jar"/>

<artifact id="au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.ui" classifier="osgi.bundle" version="1.1.1">
<properties size="4">
<property name="artifact.size" value="20079"/>
<property name="download.size" value="20079"/>
<property name="download.md5" value="fd6b9811b5f0259749abbf403daf086e"/>
<property name="repositoryPath" value="au/gov/nehta/mdht/plugins/au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.ui/1.1.1/au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.ui-1.1.1.jar"/>

So does content.xml:

<unit id="au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.feature.feature.group" singleton="false" version="1.1.1">...</unit>
<unit id="au.gov.nehta.mdht.uml.cda.feature.source.feature.group" singleton="false" version="1.1.1">...</unit>


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