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[p2-dev] Unable to revert to older configurations

Hi all,

I've searched for an answer, but not found one so far. We provide multiple update streams for our end users. Some of them are nightly builds where we publish a new update site each night. A user may update each night, or only once in a while.

The update site only holds the plugins for latest version, not previous versions. If a user attempts to perform "About Product > Installation Details > Installation History" and chooses a previous version not currently available on the remote site, the revert will fail with a "'revert configuration' has encountered a problem," listing the missing plugin versions as the issue.

In older versions of Eclipse, I seem to remember if keeping around previous plugin versions in the install, but I don't seem to be able to find them now. Is there some configuration that can be tweaked to allow reverts like this to work, or does the published update site have to contain all possible plugin versions a user might want to revert to?


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