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[p2-dev] Promoting a sub-feature to a root feature

The problem is as follows:

Feature A includes feature B. This means that B cannot be uninstalled even if B is optional.

The solution for us is to change A to no longer include B. When we package our product, we instead install B using the p2.director. This means that both A and B become root IU's and be managed individually. But now the shit hits the fan. When our users update their products instead of downloading a new packaged product, A is updated and B gets uninstalled. I know, this is to be expected and it's the correct behavior from p2, there's no doubt about that. But what can be done to prevent it? What we really want is:

A is updated to no longer include B
B is kept and promoted to a root

Is there anyway we can accomplish this?

Thomas Hallgren

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