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Re: [p2-dev] Bundle not unpacked after update

I don't have a small example of this behaviour, but it seems to be an issue with access privileges. 

I've found out that if I install RCP product in a location different than C:\Program Files ... update works just fine. 

Does p2 report any issues with access privilleges when unzipping bundles? 

I've also noticed that this problem occurs only for some of the bundles marked for unzipping. Others are unpacked properly in the same loaction during update.

I can try to debug this scenario, if you can point me to the places in the code where unpacking happens.

I'm using p2 bundles form Indigo update site.


2012/1/4 Bourgeois, Christian <Christian.Bourgeois@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

We came across the same issue some time ago and we found a way to make this uses case working.


In the bundle you want to be unzipped at installation time, just add the following line to the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file:


Eclipse-BundleShape: dir


It worked like a charm for us with 3.6 and 3.7.







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I have a feature that contains plugin which is marked to be unpacked after installation. However after updating this feature to a newer version this plugin remains as a jar. Both generated profile and update site metadata look correct, plugin's unit definition contains


<instruction key='zipped'>




anyway, the new plugin is downloaded but not extracted. 


Just for test I removed instruction key='zipped' from update site metadata and it fixed the issue...

I'm confused. 


Any hints will be appreciated!







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