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Re: [p2-dev] Unexpected resolution failure

Thanks for the explanation, Tobias, I checked the bug comments as well ( and it started getting clearer.
My confusion came from trying to map equinox and p2 resolvers behavior on 0.0.0.

Back on the technical stuff - I think version range would do for my use case. 
Do you have any idea how to specify version range in director app? (curious if there is any documentation when p2 handles 0.0.0 as fixed version and when as range?)
What is the use case(s) of using 0.0.0 as fixed version?

Implementing my desired behavior outside p2 would mean re-implementing the planner :) I'm not sure I'd like to go in that direction. Just want to play around 
with what's currently available and try to come up with a decent solution.

Thanks again,

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Katya Todorova wrote:
> It seems that 0.0.0 is interpreted as [,
>] instead of [0.0.0, infinity) and p2 resolver doesn't
> make an attempt to find a solution containing lower version.
> Is that the expected behavior?

0.0.0 can be a version or a version range. 0.0.0 as version is a fixed version - the latest one available when querying a metadata repo, 0.0.0 as version range is an open version range.

You need to know what you are specifying (version vs. Version range) to know the semantics.


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