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Re: [p2-dev] 3.8 / Juno wishlist

@ DJ: Thank you for the “equinox.p2-inbox”  hint, it was very useful.


I’d like to participate in the project activities,  I just don’t know how they are organized or how I could help. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.


In my opinion, working on random fixes and docs could be tricky for someone who is not really familiar with the project.  As mentioned during the p2 call,  sometimes there is no documentation - I think that, no matter how well the code is written,

assumptions made using the code exclusively (without knowledge of the concept behind it and existing use cases) could often turn out wrong.

I understand that it would be nice if participants could progress by themselves but working on a topic of one’s own liking may often turn into fruitless discussion, if it doesn’t fit  the project vision. That’s why I asked about priorities on the call –

having a community guy interested in getting something done in a reasonable time frame (e.g. 1 release) could smooth out the process a lot.


This kind of support would bring the focus that most of beginners don’t have and would ensure that the requirements and scope are clear. It would also build confidence in understanding p2 concepts and would naturally result in helping other people.


Kind regards,




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To build on that particular point about bugzilla. To stay on top and involved, we recommend people to follow the equinox.p2-inbox user in bugzilla (log into Bugzilla, then edit your mail preferences to watch the equinox.p2-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx user). This allows you to keep an eye on things get a feeling for the types of bugs which are coming in and help determine what users feel the hot issues are.

And more generally around participation, we also appreciate if people are not only focused on their own issues but contribute to the general activity of the project, such bug triaging, random fixes, docs, answering questions on IRC, etc.


p2-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 2011/09/17 09:23:46 PM:

> From: Pascal Rapicault <pascal@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> To: P2 developer discussions <p2-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 2011/09/17 09:24 PM
> Subject: [p2-dev] 3.8 / Juno wishlist
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> Hello,
> I just published a draft plan for Juno [1]. This is not a committed
> plan, but an invitation to contribute to p2.
> Please go ahead, review and ask questions. If you are interested in
> contributing to an item or you find an item is tailored for you
> (Thomas, Meng :)), please let us know on this channel.
> Of course the list is not exhaustive and if you want to add items
> you are willing to work on contact us here too.
> Thx for your interest,
> PaScaL
> [1]
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