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Re: [p2-dev] Sharing Your Shared Install Issues

Hi Domenico, DJ, all

[...] This bundle pool holds all of the
features/plugins already in installed format. So, when a user uses P2 to
install from here, really it just updates the, platform.xml
and SDK profile to load from this bundle pool.

This kind of functionality would make work nicely with rpm. RPM really needs to do the adding and removing of the files being installed. With a solution like the above we can do something like this:

The platform rpm would install the platform plugins into:

Then a plugin rpm like eclipse-jdt can install things (in a runnable state) into: /usr/lib/eclipse/repos/jdt (or any other suitable location inside or outside the eclipse directory)

Then run the director to install things from this location (bundle pool?) into /usr/lib/eclipse/configuration/.../ et. al. without moving the artifacts of course.

The other thing needed for rpm is to be able to verify that the provisioning will go through successfully before actually doing it. This is important because the rpm is doing this as root user. I believe -verifyOnly accomplishes this. If so, then this is just meant to emphasize its importance.

DJ, would you like me to put a more detailed version of the above on the wiki and/or the bug, or does this email suffice.


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