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Re: [p2-dev] Sharing Your Shared Install Issues

Hi All,
From our side, we have don't quite a bit of work in the area of shared installs.  We presented something at the demo camp in Montreal earlier this year.  I am not sure if it aligns with the Eclipse vision, but we found that the shared installs would never meet all of the needs for teams. People would usually say that the installation has too many/or lacking plugins they needed.  So it didn't scale.  I know people could still install other plugins into their .eclipse folder. 
So, what we have done on our side is that we have setup a shared location on our network (assume performance is optimal over the WAN), which contains all of the plugins our company needs.  We have also added code to P2 to take advantage of this bundle pool.  We have pre-configured our shared SDK (which only has eclipse SDK + our update P2 code) to point to this bundle pool.  This bundle pool holds all of the features/plugins already in installed format.  So, when a user uses P2 to install from here, really it just updates the, platform.xml and SDK profile to load from this bundle pool.  This way we don't have everyone physically installing plugins.  In the end we have a multi-user bundle pool.  Now, this doesn't prevent users from installing something we don't have.  Also, if a user tries to install something from an update site which we already have, the code still takes it from our bundle pool.  In the end the user is not aware of any of this happening behind the scenes because we have not changed the UI.  I wanted to present this at this year's eclipsecon, but it got refused, I hope to get the chance to present it in 2012.  :)
One thing we haven't addresses is CPU/Memory efficiency in Eclipse with shared installs.  I think this would be good to talk about as well.

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Subject: [p2-dev] Sharing Your Shared Install Issues

As Pascal previously mentioned, we would like to improve the p2 Shared Install experience in the Juno release. Currently we are gathering a list of issues to try and help prioritize things. Considering the limited resources we have, we will not be able to solve all the problems without the help of the community and we would like to work through the biggest blockers and pain points. Without help from the community we will not make progress.

I've created Bug 358471 [1] as an umbrella bug report to cover the plan item and added other bugs to its dependency list. I've also started a wiki page [2] to capture some of the problems we are facing. If you have issues with the Shared Install scenario, then please add them to the list so we can begin discussions.

Just to be clear we are not only looking for bugs, but constructive discussion about how to fix problems, background surrounding shared install setups (what's rpm? ;-), and for people to say "this problem is important to me and I'd like to help out, what can I do?".

As for discussions, if you want to talk about a particularly focused problem then the bug report is most likely the best medium. More general discussions can be directed to the p2 mailing list, along with notes being put on the wiki page. Also note that some members of the p2 and Equinox teams hang out on the equinox-dev IRC channel [3] if you have a quick question. We do encourage most discussion to happen in bug reports though, as it captures it for everyone to see and reference later.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your ideas and finding solutions to your problems.


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