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Re: [p2-dev] Could not acquire the framework manipulator service.

Hi Eloy, 

You may also check whether org.eclipse.equinox.ds bundle is available and started. Framework admin is registered as declarative service by o.e.e.frameworkadmin.equinox bundle so 
if ds framework is not started, your service won't be available as well. 

Another possible reason could be a concurrency issue - maybe o.e.e.frameworkadmin.equinox is started after the installation takes place.
You may try to set o.e.e.frameworkadmin.equinox bundle start level to 3 and see whether this solves your issue (I assume the other bundles have default start level 4). 

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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Hi all

I'm trying to install new features into an external profile (distinct
from _SELF) via P2... I try several ways, directly via
PlanExecutionHelper, using ProfileModificationJob and ever get the same
error in the InstallBundleAction touchpoint:

Googling I find this message with the same problem,

But I have the bunlde started and this don't fix my problem..

Any help or suggestion will be appreciate.. 

Thanks in advance,


Eloy Gomez.
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