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Re: [p2-dev] SimpleConfigurator/ not get created in the product structure


>From my point of view your product is published properly (thank you for all the provided details).
However the product publisher ignores configurations for IUs that are not published in current repository:

In ConfigCUsAction.publishBundleCUs(IPublisherInfo publisherInfo, BundleInfo[] bundles, String configSpec, IPublisherResult result)
	GeneratorBundleInfo bundle = createGeneratorBundleInfo(bundles[i], result);
			if (bundle == null)

			IInstallableUnit iu = bundle.getIU();  

			// If there is no host, or the filters don't match, skip this one.
			if (iu == null || !filterMatches(iu.getFilter(), configSpec))

As far as I know configuration units are designed to give you the opportunity to configure "3d party" IUs in a way to fit your desired target environment.
In that sense you don't need to have those 3d party IUs in your local repository. I may be wrong though since the code explicitly ignores such configurations. 

Maybe the other guys could help here - any idea whether my assumptions are correct and what's the expected behavior in that case? 

Thank you,

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Hi ,

i have to emphasize that, when I'm publishing the example.product file
to p2-repo, the p2-repo only contains the example bundle/feature. it
does not contain the simpleconfigurator, director, etc bundles.

Is it the problem for example.product not being published properly ?

i was under the impression that productPublisher just publishes the
metadata found in .product file in to a repo without depending on
whats being referenced in the .product file and the real artifacts can
come from any of the artifact repos (in my case eclipse helios repo)

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