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[p2-dev] SimpleConfigurator/bundles.info not get created in the product structure

Hi devs,

I'm trying to build a product configuration using p2 director.

First I wrote a simple bundle which only has an activator. Then I
created a feature that refers to the created bundle. then I,

1. published the features/bundles using featureAndBundlePublisher (i
put the feature and bundle in a directory and gave that directory as
the source to publisher) in to p2-repo

2. Published the .product file in to the same p2-repo.

3. Then I installed the product using the director application, by
giving the created p2-repo and the helios p2-repo as the repositories.

Things are working fine, except the generated config.ini file list
down the osgi bundles using osgi.bundles property.
I want to use simpleConfigurator in my product. I cant figure out,
what should i do to enable simpleConfigurator to appear in my
Any Suggestions, pointer will be greatly appreciated.


here is my .product file content.

<product name="Example Product" uid="example.product.id"
id="example.product" application="example-bundle.application"
version="1.0.0.SNAPSHOT" useFeatures="true" includeLaunchers="true">

   <configIni use="default">



      <feature id="example-feature" version="0.0.0"/>

      <plugin id="org.eclipse.core.runtime" autoStart="true" startLevel="4" />
      <plugin id="org.eclipse.equinox.common" autoStart="true" startLevel="2" />
      <plugin id="org.eclipse.equinox.ds" autoStart="true" startLevel="2" />
      <plugin id="org.eclipse.equinox.p2.reconciler.dropins"
autoStart="true" startLevel="4" />
      <plugin id="org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator"
autoStart="true" startLevel="1" />

      <!-- Disable update manager. It seems as if this could be
achieved by the first line, but in
           fact the second line sets reconcile to false (see
      <property name="org.eclipse.update.reconcile" value="false" />
      <plugin id="org.eclipse.update.configurator" autoStart="true"