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[p2-dev] Confirming that p2 can retrieve artifacts with ftp protocol?

I'm hoping to get a quick confirmation that p2 can use either ftp:// or http:// to retrieve artifacts.

And I don't mean "in theory", but I mean what should "we" use in our mirrorsURL attribute?

Such as




I have a memory of long ago being told "... doesn't use ftp, so just as well restrict to http mirrors only". But, I'm wondering ... am I remembering the old updateManager?

I've poked around, and see the platform does _not_ restrict to http only, and some old forum post that say something like "p2 uses ECF so its what ever ECF supports so ftp should be ok".

So, before I change the mirrors URL in our common repository, I wanted some expert advise or confirmation from this list?

Thank you,