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[p2-dev] Remove plugins from installed feature


I have this question for more than a month, and I still couldn't find
an answer, so I'm trying here

I'm building an eclipse product and we'll ship several other tools
with our product, but we have some reasons not to ship specific
plugins, which should be OK as we are not relying on their
My question is how to remove those specific plugins once I Installed
the feature.

For example, I installed JDT which comes with Junit, and now I want to
remove junit plugins only.

I have tried the director application with -uninstallIU

<path-to-director>/director -uninstallIU org.junit -destination
`pwd`/linux_gtk_x86_3.6 -profile SDKProfile -purgeHistory

I'm seeing the output
Uninstalling org.junit 4.8.1.v4_8_1_v20100427-1100.
Uninstalling org.junit 3.8.2.v3_8_2_v20100427-1100.
Operation completed in 4358 ms.

but the plugins are still there, and I don't see them removed from the
artifacts.xml or bundles.info files.

I'm not expert in p2, and I guess I'm missing something, so I
appreciate any possible help.