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[p2-dev] Shared install with p2 director?


I have a question regarding shared installs, configurations, and the p2 director.

The problem:
We have a shared Buckminster installation at /shared/common/buckminster-3.7. It's created using the p2 director. As it stands right now some projects have problem using it since they don't have access to the configuration area. If I grant them access, they create artifacts there using their own accounts which I then cannot remove. A sample error printout here:


What I'd like:
I want to provide a read-only install, configured to the extent possible and then have each user use their own configuration on top of that but I haven't managed to find any good example of how to set this up using the p2 director. If anyone knows about such an example, or is willing to describe the steps here, I'd be very grateful.

Thomas Hallgren