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[p2-dev] Import / export capability released


I've released the contribution from Meng Xin Zhu that adds to Eclipse the ability to easily import / export plugins from an eclipse installation (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=282419).
The export functionality (reachable from File > Export...) will create a description file from the set of IUs that you want to export.
The import functionality (reachable from File > Import...) will install the IUs listed in a description file previously created. Note that it is also possible to directly import from another eclipse install (this was possible before but it is nicer now).

I've tested this functionality and it works well, but we are still looking for some more testing, and I have the following questions on which I would like to have your opinion:
- Filename extension - The extension for the filename is p2f. I don't really like it but I don't have anything better to propose. Any idea?
- Placement in the UI - Currently the import / export contributions are available under a 'p2' category and I'm wondering if we should keep that category or put that under "General" , "Team", or maybe add this as buttons or links somewhere else?

Going forward, I'm hoping to see support for the p2f files be added to the director app in order to script the install. Any contribution in that space are welcome.

Thx for your time,