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[p2-dev] Helios Features Mirror

Hi all-
I am trying to make the smallest mirror size as possible of two
features from Helios.  I am using the following ant-task:

<project name="Helios Mirror" default="mirror" basedir=".">
  <target name="mirror">
    <p2.mirror source="http://download.eclipse.org/releases/helios/";
destination="${basedir}" verbose="true">
       <iu id="org.eclipse.equinox.sdk.feature.group"
version="3.6.0.v20100601-7H7R-7v8rtGVR34XkO3kfH3DUO07" />
       <iu id="org.eclipse.pde.junit.runtime.standalone.feature.group"
version="1.0.0.v20100610" />
       <slicingOptions followStrict="true" includeOptional="false"

and the following target file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<?pde version="3.6"?>

<target name="Main Target">
<location path="${resource_loc:/Libraries}" type="Profile"/>
<location includeAllPlatforms="false" includeMode="planner"
<unit id="org.eclipse.equinox.sdk.feature.group"
<unit id="org.eclipse.pde.junit.runtime.standalone.feature.group"
<repository location="file:/path/to/libs_helios/"/>

The result is a nice small sized mirror at ~31MB, however when I load
the target in Eclipse that points to this folder and the two specified
features I get resolution errors on needed packages that don't have an
explicit version requirement listed, many of which are in javax.*. (To
make this even more bizarre I've actually had it resolve happily once
or twice then on all followups it fails to resolve).

Now I can solve the resolution problem by changing followStrict to
false, however then I end up with a mirror folder that is ~90MB,
containing many duplicates of the same bundles but with separate
versions, ie the folder has 3 commons logging bundles, 3 JFace
libraries at 1MB a piece, 3 org.eclipse.ui.ide bundles, etc etc.

How can I bridge the gap here by getting just the features I need
using the requested versions and the small mirror size, but also have
all the bundles I need so I don't get resolution errors?