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Re: [p2-dev] SAP Contribution


The code in and of itself is not that useful in this case. It is more an example of a good sized system that uses OSGi but isolates itself from OSGi via DI and DS.

I'd be happy to talk about particular scenarios etc and point to relevant places in the code. 


On 2010-11-10, at 1:09 PM, Pascal Rapicault wrote:

> Thx for the pointers Jett. This is indeed one of the direction Katya and I had discussed.
> Do you have precise pointers in the Toast code?
> On 2010-11-10, at 12:16 PM, Jeff McAffer wrote:
>> Overall this is a great direction.
>>> At Eclipse Summit Pascal mentioned that replacing extension points with services for example could lead to unexpected side effects. 
>>> So before contributing back changes like this one, I would like  to discuss them in the mailing list - is there a better solution, do they fit into p2 architecture, etc. 
>> Ideally we would move to more of a dependency injection technique so p2 is not coupled to services or extensions.  For example, in the Toast example (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Toast) for the OSGi book (http://equinoxosgi.org) we used a interface that provides the things needed.  We provided service backed and extension backed implementations.  Much nicer.
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