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Re: [p2-dev] SAP Contribution


SAP is currently exploring new spaces, tightly coupled with OSGi Core and Enterprise specifications. In the course of that we are looking for a suitable provisioning 
technology to manage the lifecycle of a number of OSGi-based components. Naturally, p2 looks like a good candidate for that.

The current size of p2 does not meet our constraints and requirements for installing our products on all server nodes in large landscapes. 
The provisioning with the product definition should be downloaded fast, with minimal network traffic, requiring minimal disk space. We are looking for a solution 
where the installer is relatively small compared to the actual product.

So we started looking for ways to use only parts of the already existing functionality, while keeping p2 stable and reliable. 
We managed to reach close to our desired target and currently p2 is widely used internally by SAP Java Server team. 

We are committed to use standard technologies and not fork already existing and proven open source projects. Therefore, we are looking forward to contributing 
all changes back to the p2 project and evolve it even further. 

Our engagement with p2 is increasing and we will definitely need your help and guidance in this journey.

Kind regards,


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As you may remember, during the summer, members of the SAP Java Server team expressed their desire of using p2 under tight size constraints [1].
Despite their patches, we have not been really welcoming. This week spent at Eclipse Summit, I have had the opportunity to address that by meeting with several members of their team and hear them re-express their desire to become contributors to p2.
Though their needs and constraints are slightly different than those we have in Eclipse and Equinox, meeting these will help us reach the wider audience we had always foreseen for p2.

All that to say that they will be more active and will need our help and guidance.


[1] http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/p2-dev/msg03271.html
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