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Re: [p2-dev] Updates and p2 Install wizard

Sorry, I assumed that in your example, abc was also a feature, but rereading it, I see you are talking about a bundle. So yes, the UI won't show it or let you update it.
(There are ways to configure the UI to show all bundles, but I'm assuming you want this to work on the plain vanilla Eclipse SDK.)

As far as "deep update check" goes....reading bug 259537 and looking at the patch, I don't think any corresponding work was done in the planner's search for updates/UpdateQuery, so when the UI asks the planner what's available, the answer is...."nothing."

The question here is really twofold:
- who is in charge of the UpdateQuery? Right now the planner does it, I could imagine that we would want to let the UI choose which query it uses.
- how does the UI pick an update query? Perhaps it's configurable in the policy in the same way that IU visibility queries are configured. But even in a case where we show installations in terms of roots, one could make an argument for the update query being defined at different levels:
- only roots (as today)
- only groups (ie, features, whether roots or not)
- all bundles

I've opened a bug [1] to continue this discussion.


[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=313979

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Subject: Re: [p2-dev] Updates and p2 Install wizard

Hi Susan,

On 05/21/2010 05:48 PM, Susan Franklin McCourt wrote:
> Hi, Thomas,
> The UI intentionally operates at the level of the "install roots."
> So neither install or update would recognize "xyz" has having an
> update. There is no IU anywhere with an update descriptor for xyz.
> If you want to manage updates to abc specifically, you can install it
> as a root. (ie, select it and install it using the UI).
Where do I select it? The only place I can see a bundle is in the
"Installation Details" and it doesn't give me an option to install.

> You'll get a message saying that it's already partially installed (or
> something like that) and it will mark it as a root.
> At that point it is separately updatable.
> Recall that p2 prior to 3.6 used to give you those "free upgrades" to
> requirements every time you tried to provision. This was unpopular,
> unexpected, etc. (esp if you were trying to uninstall something and
> got a free upgrade to abc while doing so).
The conclusion was that the sane thing to do is to follow the transitive
scope from the selected root and indeed install the updates found there.
You really want those updates when you explicitly select the root that
you want to update. More info about that:

 (comments >= 35)

This approach was accepted and implemented in the planner in 3.6M6.

Thomas Hallgren

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