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[p2-dev] Updates and p2 Install wizard

Consider the following:

1. I have a feature xyz version 1.0.0 with a requirement to a bundle abc [1.7.0,2.0.0).
2. I install xyz using the p2 install wizard. The resulting install now contains xyz-1.0.0 and bundle abc-1.7.0.
3. The bundle abc-1.7.1 is published in a repository that is available to me.

My xyz-1.0.0 can now use abc-1.7.1 without modification. Great! This is one of the key motivators for using version ranges. Unfortunately, p2 seems to lack some support for this in the UI:

4. I go to the install wizard. There is no indication that an update is available for xyz-1.0.0.

Although disappointing, I can live with it knowing to indicate that p2 must resolve all visible features in order to detected underlying updates and that would take some time. But what's worse is what happens next:

5. I check my xyz-1.0.0 anyway and click Next. I get this error message:

Cannot complete the request.  See the error log for details.
"Feature xyz" will be ignored because it is already installed.

I know it's installed. I want to update it anyway because I know that newer content exists that it can make use of. Why am I not allowed to do that here? Perhaps this is just done when checking if updates are available? So I try that:

6. I click on "Check of updates..."

I dialog box pops up. "No updates found".

It seems like something is missing because now I'm forced to use the command line director application to perform my update.

- thomas