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Re: [p2-dev] API change request

Thanks for exposing this to the community.  Seems like a nice bit of polish that is easy to do and safe.  I approved the bug.


On 2010-04-16, at 5:24 PM, Ian Bull wrote:

Hi everyone,

I've been moving a bug along that I really should have put in before now.  The bug is really just about adding the same parameters to the publisher application that the ant task has (or at least a way of providing an advice file to the application). The bug is:

286135: [publisher] ProductPublisherApplication should support feature and plugin version advices as the corresponding ant task does

Advantages: The ant task and application are brought in-line.  We provide a way to supply an advice file to the application

Risks: Nil

I should have committed the change a while ago, but I punted on the bug and managed to punt it past the API deadline.  I didn't realize that changes to the application were considered API changes, but obviously they are. That was just a oversight on my part.


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