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[p2-dev] IProvisioningAgent not resolved by DS

Hi all!

I don't know whether its a bug or intended functionality:

I'm creating a DS component which exposes a few provisioning actions on a servlet. My problem is that the component is not stared because references cannot be satisfied.

First case: Using DS only (does not work)
If i define IProvisioningAgent in component.xml as 0..1, static reference my component does not start because this reference cannot be satisfied (p2.core is not started automatically). as soon as i start p2.core manually in the osgi console, my component is started.

Second case: Using ServiceTracker (works)
Now i've used the same code as you guys used in the p2 commandprovider: In the activate method i register a servicetracker for IProvisioningAgent and wait for the tracker to call the addingService method. instead of the activate method - i register the servlet in the addingBundle method. Note that i use DS here also - only without the reference to IProvisioningAgent.

=> shouldn't the first case work also?

Using build: I20100414-1200