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Re: [p2-dev] Pack200 and Canonical Descriptor Issue

Hi Marcus,
I'm fairly certain that the p2 tooling isn't the culprit. The publisher will keep the artifact.xml (or .jar) consistent with the actual content of the site. It sounds to me like the builder in this case just removes the canonical jars without updating the descriptor index. It relies on the p2 default "fallback to canonical" mechanism.

A well behaved builder will instead access the IArtifactRepository through it's api and remove the artifacts that way (I recently wrote the code for that in Buckminster so give me a ping if you're interested).

Thomas Hallgren

On 03/16/2010 04:45 PM, Marcus R Kestler wrote:

We are seeing a lot of P2 artifact repositories being produced that have only pack200 files in them. In the P2 artifact repository file, it still has an artifact descriptor for a canonical version of the artifact. Trying to get this canonical descriptor produces an exception.
The teams who own these claim that the P2 tooling is producing this. I had assumed they were just deleting their jar files. Does P2 do this? Will it add a canonical, invalid artifact descriptor when it produces a pack200 only repository?
Two examples of what I'm referring to are here:



Marcus Kestler
Advisory Software Engineer
IBM Rational Capilano Group

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